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    1 year of investing at Mintos

    It has been 1 year since I started investing at Mintos. Time is going so fast, it is hard to keep track of everything that is going on. Lower returns Throughout 2017, we saw plenty of loans with interest rates between 13% and 15%. In July 2018, you’ll only see Mogo and GetBucks offering loans of 13% or above at the time of writing. But the problem is you won’t actually get paid too when the loans are in ‘Grace’ status or when they are bought back after 60 days. So the actual returns are more likely to be closer to 11% before tax in the best scenario. The interest…

  • Motorola Moto G5 Gold

    Motorola Moto G5 Review

    The Motorola Moto G5 is considered a budget or mid-range killer. I purchased one today at 179 EUR / 220 USD / 11500 PHP, which is not too high. Mostly what you should look for when buying Android phones is how much RAM they come with. You should at least buy one with 2GB of RAM, regardless of the SoC or processor it has. If you get a phone with any less than that, it will be slow, and drag you down, until you eventually throw it out of the window out of frustration. Why is this? Memory Storage on smartphones is relatively slow. If they can’t keep the apps…

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    Avoiding tax efficient retirement savings in Belgium

    Why tax efficient retirement savings is bad in Belgium? For those who don’t know Belgium’s way of saving for retirement, we currently have 3 pillars: 1st pillar: Government: If you’re an employee, your gross salary will contribute to this. 2nd pillar: Employer’s group insurance, or equivalent for those self-employed 3rd pillar: Pension saving funds (‘pensioenspaarfonds’) & pension saving insurance (‘pensioenspaarverzekering’) Tax efficient retirement savings are a trap in Belgium. Many people don’t realize how much money they are losing on fees and taxes. So I decided to clear a few things up. We have two types of retirement savings accounts of the third pillar: pension saving funds and pension saving…

  • Mintos

    Mintos: My portfolio 9 months later

    Well, it has been 9 months since I started investing in Mintos. I decided to review and share my portfolio with everyone. I started out with 100 EUR, then gradually deposited more as I saw opportunities come by and the platform seemed stable. They were adding loan originators on a regular basis and there were no general signs of cash drag. If you are convinced to register and invest at Mintos, click one of the Mintos links to start investing with a 1% bonus. My EUR portfolio has always been stable. It is consistently giving returns about 0.85% to 1.0% per month depending on the loans you choose if you…

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    Schengen: Tips to get approved for any visa application.

    What do I use as guarantee of return? What I see most people do is enrolling in a school or another education. I am quite sure the embassies are noticing this too. While an appointment, enrollment or a contract with an employer may help you, there are also other ways of having a guarantee of return. Co-Founder ‘Junaliex’ of this blog, never traveled in her life before, or never used her passport to leave The Philippines. When she applied for a private invitation visa to visit me in Belgium, we told the embassy we wanted to check if we can live together for 63 days to see if we are…

  • TransferWise

    TransferWise saves you from currency exchange fees

    Regardless of their background, all people come in contact with currency exchange at some point. Whether you’re going on a holiday, or maybe you’re an overseas worker or buying things online from another country. The majority of the people lose literally hundreds or thousands of dollars every year without even noticing. We’ve been using TransferWise for over two years now and with good reason. Banking Where banks charge between 2% to 6% in currency exchange fees. This is a lot of money you’re throwing away in just the blink of an eye. TransferWise only charges 0.5% to 1% in currency exchange fees. The more you transfer, the lower the currency…

  • Mintos

    Mintos Detailed Statistics (March 2018)

    Before you scroll down and start reading. Make sure you understand that these statistics compare current loans vs loans that are late. This does not necessarily mean they will default. In addition to this, we only include loans in our statistics that have been issued more than 1 month ago. The goal of these statistics is to get an accurate representation of longer term loans, and not short-term loans. Do not forget to DIVERSIFY to minimize capital loss! If you want to compare March’s statistics with February’s, you can read our last month’s articles here (February 2018) and here (February 15, 2018). Current Loans By Country Let’s see what has changed…

  • The front of Notre-Dame
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    Medieval cathedral: Notre-Dame de Paris

    Notre-Dame de Paris means ‘Our lade of Paris’. It’s not simply a church, but a cathedral. The Notre-Dame de Paris is accessible by subway. But make sure to plan well to get there. We managed to arrive at the wrong subway station ‘Notre-Dame des-Champs’. But we only discovered this when it was too late, when we were above ground. You should travel to either ‘St Michel‘ or ‘St Michel Notre-Dame‘. And trust us, the walk is really painful. Specially if you’ve been walking a lot in the past few days already! Also, when we wanted to leave the Notre-Dame de Paris, we discovered that one of the two aforementioned subways…

  • Mintos

    Mintos Detailed Statistics (February 15, 2018)

    We’ve got another update as we were notified by Mintos that there was an error in the statistics related to the payment of loans in Botswana. Due to the demand, we’ve decided to analyze the Mintos loan book two times per month. Do note that we primarily analyze the ratio of current vs late loans. This does not mean that late loans will necessarily default or not recover. Current Loans By Country The issue date for these loans is one month or older. This would indicate a payment has already been made or they are late. This is exactly when the differences start to show. You won’t know a bad…

  • Mintos

    Mintos Detailed Statistics (February 2018)

    In my previous post, I have attempted to analyze the loan book from Mintos. I’ve learned quite a lot about what seems to be impacting the quality of loans on the Mintos platform. Most of the time this was either be the currency, loan originator or country. For example, I’ve found that the Danish currency appears to be not a good investment as well as the combination of loans from GetBucks in Botswana. And Spain in general also appears to cause quite a lot of late loans, which is also a trend on Bondora. When it came to the term of loans, it seems that there were positive when increasing…