• Eiffel Tower (Night)
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    Visiting the Eiffel Tower

    When people plan a holiday to visit Paris, France visiting the Eiffel Tower is one of the first things on their bucket list. The Eiffel Tower is one of world’s best known monuments that is amazing, not only during day, but also at night, which makes it is best to visit anytime of the day. Going To The Top Going to the top is a big challenge to tourists when visiting the Eiffel Tower, I’m not even kidding when I say you should make 4 to 7 hours available to go to the top. At the top you will see the beautiful and magical view of the city of love.…

  • Mintos

    Mintos Detailed Statistics (February 15, 2018)

    We’ve got another update as we were notified by Mintos that there was an error in the statistics related to the payment of loans in Botswana. Due to the demand, we’ve decided to analyze the Mintos loan book two times per month. Do note that we primarily analyze the ratio of current vs late loans. This does not mean that late loans will necessarily default or not recover. Current Loans By Country The issue date for these loans is one month or older. This would indicate a payment has already been made or they are late. This is exactly when the differences start to show. You won’t know a bad…

  • Mintos

    Mintos Detailed Statistics (February 2018)

    In my previous post, I have attempted to analyze the loan book from Mintos. I’ve learned quite a lot about what seems to be impacting the quality of loans on the Mintos platform. Most of the time this was either be the currency, loan originator or country. For example, I’ve found that the Danish currency appears to be not a good investment as well as the combination of loans from GetBucks in Botswana. And Spain in general also appears to cause quite a lot of late loans, which is also a trend on Bondora. When it came to the term of loans, it seems that there were positive when increasing…

  • Mintos

    Mintos Statistics (February 2018)

    The goal of this article is to get a good understanding of the Mintos portfolio. We will try to analyze the loan status by various filters. However, it seems that through the loan book we cannot find defaulted loans. So we’ll filter out finished loans for this article. Current Loan Status By Country Do note that there are some new countries in this list such as Kazakhstan and Kenia. You may want to ignore these countries for now. Country Amount Total Percentage Albania 7085 7801 91% Botswana 2817 5914 48% Bulgaria 10846 12208 89% China 2 10 20% Czech Republic 1917 3117 62% Denmark 1505 2243 67% Estonia 3888 4582…

  • Entrance of Underground River, Puerto Princesa, The Philippines
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    Underground River Tour – Puerto Princesa

    We were staying in Puerto Princesa when we booked our trip to the Underground River Tour or Subterranean River National Park. You will be in for a very rough ride. When the van leaves in Puerto Princesa, you will drive from location to location to pick-up other tourists. They will most likely be dropped off in the same order. We we’re dropped off at our AirBnb accomodation. For the tourist agencies, it’s clear that time is money as they race through the curving rounds of Palawan. One young girl puked several times before we arrived, while others did not. In the middle of the road trip, we stopped at a…

  • Finance

    Mintos direct vs indirect investment structure

    Last month, Mintos introduced a new filter, direct investment structure and indirect investment structure. This is very important in case the loan originator goes bankrupt. The tool tip on the filter ‘Investment Structure’ reads: “The direct structure is when you are buying a claim against the borrower. The indirect structure means you are buying a claim from the loan originator. Therefore, the repayment is backed by the borrower’s repayment” What we know thus far is, that the buyback guarantee on Mintos only is honored is the loan originator doesn’t go bankrupt. There are buyback guaranteed loans for both the direct and indirect investment structures. But what happens if the loan…

  • Canopy Walk bay view
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    Canopy Walk – El Nido, The Philippines

    In case you’re planning to climb the Taraw Cliff, you cannot. The Taraw Cliff has been closed. However, the Canopy Walk is a safe alternative to get a good view on the El Nido bay. The Canopy Walk is towards the South of El Nido just near the edge of the city. It’s easily accessible by tricycle if you want to be dropped off, or you can park your rented motorcycle on-site. We however found the Canopy Walk to be on the expensive side for a only 10-15 minute hike. And at the end you could buy pictures taken by the staff too. However, they do offer to take pictures…

  • Outside - CED Villa's
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    CED Villa’s Review – El Nido, The Philippines

    El Nido is a great place to visit. It has a lot to offer. CED Villa’s are located 5-15 minutes from El Nido, giving you a quiet and peaceful environment to relax. CED Villa’s is owned by Conrado, a former business man. If you’re looking for a great hotel, look no further. The hotel is currently expanding. The second site is located 1 to 2 minutes drive towards El Nido on the right hand side. There will also be a second site in case you want to bring your own tent. We will be reviewing the houses on the first site, which can cost 40-50 EUR per night. However, prices…

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    Top activities to do near Tampa

    I’ve lived in Tampa for several months as an expat. And I fell in love with it. It’s one of the greatest places to be. But you may need a little direction to get the most out of your vacation. Generally you’d want to steer clear from the Temple Terrace area. Do not book AirBnb or a hotel in that area. If you still decide to book there, do not go outside after 8 PM. As of lately, there is also a serial killer in that area. If you don’t know where Temple Terrace is located, it is the East side of Tampa, East of the 275, including the USF…

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    Manila Zoo

    Do you want to hang out with your kids and educate them at the same time? Bring them to Manila Zoo that is located at Adriatico St, Malate, Manila Philippines. It is open every Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 8 AM to 6 PM. Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is one of the educational centers where people can learn about the fauna and flora in The Philippines. The Zoo opened on July 25th 1959 and has a land area of 5.5 hectares. It has a population of no less than 500 animals including the indigenous species, crocodiles, mouse deer and Palawan pheasant. There are also different types of birds,…