Envestio Review

Envestio is an Estonian peer to peer lending company that was founded in December 2017. Unlike other peer to peer lending platforms, Envestio aims to be different by issuing business loans to companies that add real value to the economy. They do not issue consumer loans at outrageous interest rates.

Envestio told us they will release a financial statement after a full year of operation.


We are currently building our portfolio at Envestio, as our portfolio matures, we will update our returns regularly.

Projected return: 17-22%


  • Excellent interest rates of more than 17%, nowhere else to be found.
  • Buyback guarantee: Defaulting loans will be purchased back.
  • Employees of Envestio can be looked up on LinkedIn.
  • Experienced verifiable team.
  • Support responds to e-mails quickly.


  • New peer to peer lending platform.
  • 5% penalty on the buyback guarantee.
  • No auto investment features available.
  • Returns are too good to be true.

Loan Amortizations

Depending on the tax rates in your country, it is very important to check the payment schedules at Envestio.

You may want to avoid the ‘interest only’ amortized loans at Envestio. These loans pay back the accumulated interest first and then return the principal at the end in one big balloon payment. But like in most countries, you most likely pay tax on that interest first, which means that if one of these loans defaults the first 4-6 months, you may be left with a tax liability and still end up break even.

There are also plenty of fully amortized loans available, which is more favorable.


Coming soon.


As the peer to peer lending market saturates from investors, returns are lowering.

If you’re willing to take an additional risk for the platform being new, but still enjoy high peer to peer lending returns, then register here.

Your capital is at risk. Fabulous Life Adventures is not responsible for any capital loss that may incur.
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