PeerBerry Review

BulkEstate is a peer to peer lending platform focusing on real estate. What makes BulkEstate so great is that there is almost no cash drag, it just takes a a few days for a project to appear, and then you can invest as much as you want by investing manually or using an auto investment profile.

Since all loans at BulkEstate are not secured with a buyback guarantee, it is recommended you invest the minimum investment of 50 EUR per project every time to minimize capital loss in case of a defaulting loan. However, since all loans at BulkEstate are secured with collateral, it’s highly unlikely you will lose the entire amount, there may be debt collection costs involved however.

BulkEstate is generally a very down to earth peer to peer lending platform with no crazy marketing, stable interest rates, no defaults and absence of cashback campaigns. If there are any cashback campaigns, be sure to analyze the project in depth as there is most likely a higher risk involved. These cashback campaigns may tempt you to invest more to be eligible for the cashback.


3 months 6 months 12 months
11% 11% 11%


  • Mature
  • Very minor cash drag
  • No defaults
  • Secured with collateral
  • Auto investment
  • Well-documented investment opportunities


  • No buyback guarantee: Although loans are secured and there are no defaults so far.
  • Lack of detailed reporting
  • No secondary market, money is invested for a fixed timeframe




Interested readers can go to PeerBerry’s website here and open an account.

Your capital is at risk. Fabulous Life Adventures is not responsible for any capital loss that may incur.
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